About Renew Kansas

About Renew Kansas

Renew Kansas represents the independent ethanol producers as well as farmers and those who provide services to the ethanol production industry in Kansas. We serve as a central contact for the Kansas ethanol industry, and as a clearinghouse for accurate, reliable information about the many benefits of using ethanol blends to power our vehicles.

Renew Kansas Mission

Our mission is to serve as a representative voice for the ethanol manufacturing industry to our members, the public and government. Our goal is to promote ethanol fuels, dispelling myths, educating the public about the many significant benefits of ethanol, and demonstrating the industry’s positive impact on health, the environment and our local and state economies.

Board of Directors

Derek Peine, Chairman
Western Plains Energy LLC

Lyle Schlyer, Secretary/Treasurer
Pratt Energy LLC

Sam Sacco, Immediate Past Chairman
Nesika Energy LLC

Mike Chisam
Kansas Ethanol LLC

Donna Funk
K-Coe Isom

Joe Kreutzer
Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy

Bill Pracht
East Kansas Agri-Energy LLC

Fred Rayner
Conestoga Energy Partners LLC

Lee Reeve
Reeve Agri Energy

Jeff Scharping
ICM Inc.

Steve Seabrook
POET Ethanol Products

Greg Thompson
White Energy

Tom Willis
Conestoga Energy Partners LLC

David Wood
Nesika Energy

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Ethanol Processing Plants (Eligible for board representation)
Annual Production Capacity
50 Million Gallons or More – $18,000 annually ($1,500/month)
20-49.99 Million Gallons – $15,000 annually ($1,250/month)
5-19.99 Million Gallons – $9,600 annually ($800/month)
Up to 5 Million Gallons – $6,000 annually ($500/month)
Under Construction – $3,000 annually ($250/month)

ALLIED NON-PROCESSING COMPANIES (Eligible for board representation upon board approval)
Sustaining companies whose principal business is providing engineering, design, construction and marketing for the ethanol industry.
$5,000 annually

ASSOCIATE COMPANIES (Not eligible for board representation)
Sustaining companies providing goods and services to processing plants.
$1,000 annually



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