Biofuels for Consumers

Kansas 11 fuel-grade biofuel plants save Kansas households $471 million annually, while also reducing 0.4 million metric tons of CO2 emissions to our atmosphere every year.

Did you know 97 percent of the fuel sold in our country today includes 10 percent ethanol, and more and more fuel retailers are beginning to offer biodiesel? Renewable fuels help your vehicle’s engines run cooler, longer and drive with more horsepower. 

Biofuels at the pump

Biofuels keep fuel prices steady when the price of oil skyrockets, saving consumers $0.50 to $1.50 per gallon. Biofuels are also a vastly underrated tool for reducing our imports of oil. Since the Renewable Fuels Standard was enacted in 2005, net oil imports have dropped by more than 70 percent.

Biofuels in your vehicle

Biofuels work well in ALL modern vehicles and is already found in 98 percent of the fuel on the market today. Ethanol in particular has the highest blending octane of any additive available, which keeps your engine running cooler and cleaner, while also giving you the performance you desire.

Supporting higher blends

Looking closely at ethanol and E15, this fuel replaces harmful carcinogens and toxic additives in petroleum-based fuels. All of this means when you choose to put E15 in your vehicle, you’re vehicle is using a cleaner, cooler burning fuel that releases fewer toxins into the air. According to Growth Energy, wider use of E15 would have the same effect as removing 20 million cars from the road.