• Ethanol Is
    Clean Fuel

    Biodegradable, high octane, clean burning, renewable.

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  • Higher Octane, Lower Emissions

    Ethanol is the best way to boost fuel octane - by a country mile.

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  • Which Ethanol Blend is the Best For You?

    Ethanol comes in E10, E15, E85 and everything in between.

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E15 - safe for use in all cars made since 2001 - delivers 88 octane fuel that is better for your vehicle because it burns cleaner and cooler.


With E15 at 88 octane, your vehicle mileage will be similar to what you get with regular unleaded at 87 octane, but at a lower price point.


E15 reduces the number of pollutants in your fuel, reducing emissions up to 59 percent and keeping our air a little cleaner.


Ethanol creates jobs, boosts the price of corn and other grains to stimulate the ag economy, and reduces the price of gasoline.

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