Governor Laura Kelly Proclaims March Biofuels Month in Kansas

Governor Laura Kelly Proclaims March Biofuels Month in Kansas

Recognizing the many benefits biofuels provide to the state’s economy, agricultural industry and environment, Governor Laura Kelly has proclaimed the month of March Biofuels Month in Kansas.

Support for renewable fuels flows from the governor’s office through her cabinet as Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Mike Beam praised the industry for its work providing high-quality products to producers and consumers alike.

“Biofuels are a meaningful contributor to Kansas agriculture by adding value to the Kansas economy,” Beam said. “The livestock industry appreciates the co-products biofuels provide in the form of DDGS and soybean meal, and consumers appreciate the clean-burning, affordable fuel choice. Biofuels are a meaningful partner in Kansas’ efforts toward long-term, sustainable agricultural prosperity.”

Currently in Kansas, 11 fuel-grade ethanol plants annually produce more than 600 million gallons of clean-burning renewable ethanol, worth nearly $1 billion. These Kansas ethanol plants utilize 27 percent of all corn, and 30 percent of all grain sorghum grown in our state.

Similarly, biodiesel adds 63 cents per bushel to the value of Kansas soybeans. Kansas has one renewable diesel plant, and a state-of-the-art biodiesel plant opened in Wichita last year annually producing 60 million gallons of clean-burning biodiesel from locally grown soybeans.

“Renew Kansas is thankful for the Governor’s recognition of the Kansas biofuels industry which provides Kansans with a steady supply of renewable, affordable and environmentally-sound fuel with every fill up.” Renew Kansas Biofuels Association President and CEO Ron Seeber said.

The biofuels industry in Kansas supports schools and local governments with annual property tax payments of more than $10 million. The industry also provides Kansans with job opportunities as the average processing plant employs an average of 45 people.

Kansas Corn, Kansas Grain Sorghum, Kansas Soybeans and Renew Kansas Biofuels Association all partnered with Kansas Department of Agriculture to form the coalition for Governor Kelly to announce the statewide recognition of biofuels.

The aforementioned organizations will promote biofuels month through social media channels using the hashtag, #KSBiofuels, as well as disperse industry facts and statistics to media and stakeholders across the state.


Quotes from the organizations instrumental in establishing biofuels month are listed below:

Greg Krissek Kansas Corn CEO: “Biofuels like ethanol don’t just benefit farmers. Fuels like E15, which contains 15 percent ethanol, provide drivers with more choices at the pump. E15 is a higher quality, lower cost, cleaner air option for vehicles 2001 and newer. Biofuels benefit consumers, farmers, fuel retailers, rural communities and our environment.”

Kent Winter President of Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association: “The symbiotic partnership between Kansas farmers, agribusiness and the biofuel sector is a powerful contributor to our local economies and is a key component to helping make this country energy-independent.”

Dennis Gruenbacher Kansas Soybean Commission National Biodiesel Board Member, Andale, Kan.: “America’s first and only energy source to earn the title of ‘advanced biofuel’ from the Environmental Protection Agency, biodiesel blends can be used in any diesel engine without modification. Last year, biodiesel production used the oil from more than 690 million bushels of soybeans, which was more than 35 percent of the U.S. soybean-oil supply. That kind of domestic demand is vitally important to soybean farmers right now.”